Defiance launch date announced

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The guys over at Trion Worlds have finally given us what we wanted, a date.The revolutionary open world shooter is set to be released side by side with SyFy‘s new show of the same name.

April 2nd, 2013.

Only a mere two months away! If two months is too long, along with the announcement of the date, a full length (5 minute) trailer was released. Check out the video below! The trailer shows what it will be like on Earth and how it will be to fight alongside and/or against others.

A little more on Defiance. You, the player, are set as an “Ark Hunter” in a very different Earth; a very open Earth. An open world asking to be explored by you in a wide variety of vehicles available. To level up, one could go about alone, exploring and hunting while finding new weapons that will be key to a hunter’s survival. If you enjoy having some of your friends around, lead them into a massive battle in the fully co-op game. Either way the world will be changing. But a player’s action will not be the only thing that will shape and change the world. The game itself will be affected by the show that will premier two weeks after the initial launch of the game. Working as a two way street, the show will be affected by changes in the massive world of Defiance.

After five years in production, Trion Worlds is happy to see their masterpiece hit the home stretch. Trion Worlds, founded in 2006 in the US, are not new to open world games. Although Trion have not done much for Xbox, they have brought gold to the MMO-world with their release, RIFT in 2011. The team have grown since they were founded by Lars Butler and Jon Van Canegham. From one office to numerous across America and expansion to Trion Worlds Europe in London. Trion Worlds have always paved the way for MMO’s.

Two separate collector’s editions will be available from launch. The first will be up at $100 and will come with some cool stuff including in-game boosts, a soundtrack and more. The second, at a slightly higher price of $150, will include everything the first does but also has a special collector’s bag and a season’s pass. Both are available through GameStop and a more detailed list of extra goods can be found at Defiance’s official site. Anyone that pre-orders, even the regular version, will receive a small XP boost, a title, an outfit, a weapon, and most importantly, a BETA invite to try to the game early.

We’ve also been lucky enough to stumble across some fairly recent (supposed) footage of Defiance gameplay.We hadn’t seen this before today but now we’ve watched it at least 10 or 11 times. Defiance looks absolutely fantastic. Check it out for yourselves.

Still two months away and Defiance is already causing quite the stir and I for one know I’ll be one of the first in queue on launch.

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  • Beak3r82

    I bought the game this morning hoping to be able to play it. It requires 10 gbs to download all the content…Yes, you must download before you can play. Then it downloads patch after patch….til you finally get to the play button. Server not available, please come back and join us at 8 am. I just tried it 10 minutes ago…and still the game is not launched.