Revolution (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2) – DLC Review

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So now that the sandstorm has finally calmed on Mirage, the water levels have receded on Hydro, the last flake of snow settled on Downhill and the skate park on Grind is in need of some serious restoration, I thought that I’d give you the lowdown on the new Black Op’s 2 map pack,’Revolution’.

The first thing that makes my blood boil with any new map pack is the not knowing of where to go. Ultimately, I found myself getting ‘owned’ like a bitch for the first hour of play. Fear not though, because the new maps (for most part) have retained the claustrophobic feeling of the originals. Before long you’ll find yourself zipping around with a certain ease and neck-high in cross fire as you discover the new hot spots.


Starting out with ‘Mirage’ – my least favourite map of the four, you are transported to a sand-swept hotel in the Gobi desert. Mirage initially reminded me of Oasis from MW3, being so bright that I nearly reach for a pair of sun glasses to play the match.
I found this medium-sized map to be the most disorientating of the four. Outside the resort plays host to a variety of differing terrain (mainly in the form of sand dunes), but it’s the central hub at the heart of the resort that causes the most confusion. Enter at your own risk, as bullets fly from all directions.


Next up was ‘Hydro’ – and after a couple of games I stared to ‘get’ this map. Taking place on a hydroelectric plant, players find themselves able to navigate beneath the playable area into the water system below. Take note though, this waterway randomly floods during matches causing the player to be washed away, consider this your warning.
The out-skirts of this small map contain the usual tight-spots and blind corners, simply encouraging close quarter combat. Another point of interest is the small bridge, around mid-point of the map. A snipers spawn-killing wet dream.


The festive ‘Downhill’ shortly followed – my pick of the four. The first snow-covered map for Black Op’s 2 is arguably one of the largest. Taking the fight to the ski slopes, boasting open areas and high vantage points. Snow flutters around as you engage the other team, sharp corners seemingly open-up to reveal vast battle fields.
A cable-car control room not only serves as a great face to face shooting arena, but also makes for a quality game of cable-car chicken. I especially liked the snowman on this level, it reminded me of the one that we made in our back garden last week, when the UK was knee-deep in blanket of snow.


And finally the groovy ‘Grind’ – a skateboarders paradise. This ‘tight’ map obviously takes place across ramps and half-pipes for some serious in your face action. Imagine ‘Stadium’ from the original Black Op’s and you wont be far off the mark here.
You’ll quickly learn this map and have to be bang on the money with your reflexes, a run and gun class is a must here. There’s a couple of cheeky hiding spots doted around, making it ideal for you to pick off the opposing team.
I can see this map becoming as popular as ‘Hijacked’ in the future.

If you’re also into zombies then the ‘Revolution’ map pack really delivers. ‘Die Rise’ is an absolutely awesome addition to the zombies game mode. In a sense, ‘Die Rise’ almost feels like a stand-alone game.
Taking place in a devastated Chinese city I found myself within a crumbling skyscraper attempting to survive the zombie onslaught. ‘Die Rise’ could actually be ‘Tranzit’ and ‘Survival’s’ love-child. It seemingly blends both game modes together, making for a completely fresh zombie experience – no pun intended with the ‘fresh zombie’ line.
‘Die Rise’ offers us the first vertical zombies map. You’ll find yourself scrambling up rubbled pathways – leading to sky-high rooftops and falling down into the basement thanks to broken elevators.
New perks and buildable items are available, along with a new set of achievements. ‘Die Rise’ for me, is the star of the DLC making the 1200MS points well worthy of the price.

Also with the ‘Revolution’ map pack, players are given the all-new ‘Peacekeeper SMG’ and a new zombie mode. I’ve not actually tried the new gun, but friends feedback suggest it’s a decent addition to the original SMG class. Again, I’ve not had the time to explore the new zombie mode but look forward to doing so. Maybe a reader could share their thoughts on this in the comments box below, or any other subject regarding the ‘Revolution’ map pack for that matter.

If multi-player is your thing, then I think ‘Revolution’ is well worthy of an 8 out of 10. However, if you enjoy all game modes then I think ‘Revolution’ deserves a big 9 out of 10.

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