Bioshock Infinite Goes Gold and Season Pass

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It appears that 2K games have DLC in the pipeline for the upcoming release Bioshock Infinite, infact they announced that there will be a Season pass option costing 1600 microsoft points.

This will give you access to 3 pieces of DLC that are to cost 800 Microsoft Points meaning you get the 3rd piece free, which is always a nice thing. In addition to the DLC you will also get

Early Bird Special Pack – In games items Such as gun upgrades, gold skins, plus health and shield upgrades.

2K have also announced that they are now working on the DLC since the game was announced as having gone gold, thus meaning the March 26th release date is now almost set in stone. All Things Xbox readers will recall that I have been excited about this release for a long time now and the game has been in development for 4 years.

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