Introducing – God Mode

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We take a look at the upcoming XBLA title from Atlus.

Shooting hordes of the living dead alongside your friends with upgradable weapons. Call of Duty tried it, Left 4 Dead tried it and now publisher Atlus are going to try it, with their title “God Mode“…

Oh I forgot to mention, there’s a twist… you’re also dead!

The home page of the official God Mode website reads;

“Sorry for the bad news: You are dead. But all is not lost, as in the purgatory that you now find yourself, you have a chance at redemption and eternal life. All you need to do is survive The Maze of Hades.

You are a descendant of an ancient god whose bloodline has been banished from Mt. Olympus by Hades and turned into mere mortals. To avoid an afterlife of eternal damnation, you must battle through this purgatory against an army of the undead and reclaim your place in the pantheon.”

GOd Mode

The game promises to be fun-filled, fast-paced and ever changing. With the addition of upgradeable weapons and special abilities, Atlus say that no game will be the same and the out comes will always vary.
Your character’s appearance will also be customisable so few players will look the same!

We’ve got some great trailers as well, however I’m not sure what the voice-over is trying to suggest… Have a look and see what I mean.

First we’ve got the teaser trailer, followed by a full length trailer.

As of yet there’s no release date other than the vague period of “early 2013“, which suggests a Q1-Q2 release time. For a closer look, head over to the official God Mode website.

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