Gearbox announce Diamond-plated loot chest for Borderlands 2

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Gearbox wowed us with their panel this weekend at PAX East, but they didn’t want to leave us with just some new information, that’s just not their style. Not only did a few lucky attendants win the loot chest from the Borderlands 2 Ultimate Edition, but they announced a new, fully loaded diamond plated loot chest. This bad boy has everything an aspiring vault hunter could ever want. Inside the swag filled chest you will find:

  • Vault Hunters Wanted Poster
  • Borderlands and Gearbox Themed Window Decals
  • A Replica Goliath Mask – perfect for hiding that tiny weird-ass alien head (including a shift code for a in-game Goliath helmet for your vault hunter)
  • 20 Legendary Item Cards giving your hunter the best of the best weapons and gear this side of Pandora
  • A Gearbox Certificate of Authenticity for the whole package


Now only 5000 of these bundles being made, but President/CEO Randy Pitchford stated at the panel that if these sell like they expect, a second batch will be made. Get your pre-orders in early as these will be ready to ship this May. The price of one of these collectables is $99.99 and will be available at ThinkGeek & Shop Gearbox.