Singing the Songs of Ska Studios

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Ska Studios is probably best known for their series “The Dishwasher” and at PAX East we caught up with Lead Dishwasher and founder of Ska Studios, James Silva and his partner, the Art Unicorn, Michelle Juett Silva.


We had many questions concerning past successes and future plans. We first asked about the art style used in the Dishwasher series and where the inspiration came from.

As we found out the art style was just the style of James when he first started drawing up ideas for his entry into Microsoft’s contest on XNA to win a contract. His style was well-received and is still being used by the now two person team.


Since the release of Ska Studios’ first game, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai in 2009, Ska studios has released a sequel (The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile) and 4 indie games; including the hit I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1NIT!!!1. And currently the husband/wife team is working on their newest game, Charlie Murder.


With no actual set release date, Charlie Murder looked and felt like it could be released at any moment. But Ska Studios wants to wait until it’s done and completely set, rather than rushing into the release just because of a date. In Charlie Murder, you or one of your friends (yes, co-op) play as the members of the “fallen rock idols” of a band called Charlie Murder. You are pit against your rival metal band and the masses they have control of in this nonstop RPG brawler. Inspiration coming from parts of the dungeon crawling genre and the classic brawler, Charlie Murder is ready to be the next big hit.

We asked Ska Studios if they had any thoughts or plans to port to PSN or Steam. The answer was simple, “No, we started by winning Microsoft’s contract contest and haven’t really thought about moving away from Xbox Live.” – Michelle Juett Silva. With the “don’t fix what’s not broken” attitude it looks like Ska Studios is here at home on the XBL Network. And boy, are we happy to hear that.

For more on Charlie Murder and Ska Studios, take a look at this video!
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