Dark Souls II In Game Footage and New Trailer

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This week IGN presented the world with a Dark Souls II exclusive; showing off a new trailer and over 10 minutes of in-game footage commentated on by co-director Yui Tanimura and Namco Bandai global producer Tak Miyazoe.

The original Dark Souls is one of my favourite games of this generation and strangely enough, I can’t wait to step back into the unparalleled world of punishment and immense game rage.

Fears that the sequel would incorporate a watered down level of difficulty thanks to the game being overseen by new a director were quickly laid to rest by Tanimura.

Thankfully, everything’s looking suitably menacing at this point with some distinguishable new features, such as the use of torches and lanterns instead of holding a shield and the ability to rapidly change between weapons.

The area on show here is currently named The Mansion of the Dragons, displaying a rather large dragon skeleton coming to life as you pick up an item.

Dark Souls II has no confirmed release date but will launch on the Xbox 360 although it is not expected until next year. I’m keeping my fingers, swords and shields crossed for a late 2013 release – something to grind through during the long, dark, winter nights.

Below is the 12 minute interview with in-game footage, followed by the new trailer entitled “Despair“.

Again, thanks to IGN.

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