Reveal trailer and gameplay for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

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A couple of fantastic videos for what’s being dubbed the game of the year… already!

First up, we’ve got the official reveal trailer from Ubisoft. Cleverly they’ve made it look like some cheap tape recording of an 80’s cartoon to stick with the very tongue-in-cheek over the top cheesiness. Brilliant!

Secondly, we’ve got VG24/7 and Sam Clay to thank for this one. Here’s some great shots of gameplay and some words from Production Manager, Phillippe Fournier.

Again, a big thanks to VG24/7 for that interview.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is due for release May 1st 2013 and is set to be an XBLA title. You won’t need to have played Far Cry 3 to understand Blood Dragon as we’ve been told it’s a totally seperate game. We’re all really excited! For more information head on over to the Official Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon website.

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