Battle Vs Chess – Review

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Chess, a game dating back to around the 6th century and still played by millions every single day. Yes, chess could be considered as one of the games that, to an extent has shaped modern day gaming.

Now the 21st century, chess is still as popular as ever but how has technology developed it? Enter Battle Vs Chess, developed by the teams at Targem Games and Zuxxez Entertainment. They’ve taken the timeless strategy game and made it as new and exciting for the current gaming generation as ever.

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The standard rules apply but Targem and Zuxxez have taken the standard black and white pieces and transformed them into two highly detailed fantasy armies. With no real back story, the white pieces have been transformed into a golden-haired royal family equipped with shiny white armour. The black pieces have become fierce and fiery demons, skilled in dark magic, they wield weapons enchanted with fire.
If that doesn’t sound ace, then I don’t know what would!

However, with the cool re-skinning of the pieces aside, Battle Vs Chess is still just a chess game. It’s cool battle animations make the gameplay a bit more fun, but as a whole it’s still just the same. The devs have thrown in a couple of different game types and QTE duals but after all, if you were thinking about buying this game, you’ll want to be playing chess… right? It’s like buying Halo 4 because you wanted to play Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Oh yeah, and if you’re not a chess champion, don’t bother trying to play this. It’s so damn hard! Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t consider myself awesome at chess, not by a long stretch. But when I can’t even beat level 1 on super-easy mode, it takes the fun out of it. No matter how many times I tried, level 1 on easy was just too tough! Battle Vs Chess is a f**kin’ hard game!

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This game would appeal to the types of Dads that think “gaming” is playing cards on a Sunday afternoon. This’d be a good way to introduce your old-man (or woman, for all those chess-playing mothers out there) or even their parents, too your Xbox.

Overall, it’s a great little development but it’s not for everyone. As you can expect, you’ve gotta have a slight interest in chess for this to even tempt you.

Battle Vs Chess  scores 5 out of 10

Jamie is the co-founder and editor of All Things Xbox. A passionate and hardcore gamer, you'll usually find him playing epic fantasy RPG and adventure titles.
  • Boon’s Sehc

    I’m a chess noob, yeah, but I’d love to play and learn chess and have some interesting battles.
    I love the animated figures and the level design, so it’s more fun to play it virtually, plus I always have a chess partner in form of my pc.
    But what I really hate about this game is, that you don’t even stand a chance at level 0. Why do you have 10 different difficulty levels and a tutorial how to play chess, when a bloody beginner doesn’t even stand a chance at the lowest level? That doesn’t make sense at all and it takes away the fun part completely. At level 0 I’d definitely expect the computer to have a certain chance to draw “mistake moves” like a human being would do at beginner’s level. But no, it’s always perfect, no mistake made by the PC. It’s like having to take part in the Olympic Games marathon, but you have never run further than to the bus station.
    I’ve heard they have implemented a chess engine called Fritz 11? Nice for pro-gamers, but what about people who love to have a relaxed noob match vs. a chess computer?
    When you never have a chance, then why play it? How to make progress, if your “enemy” is always overpowered? Sorry, but with that you can get rid of the difficulty levels anyways.
    I wish, there was an option to set a mistake chance for the pc and an extra tutorial about chess strategies. Something like Dos and Dont’s for successful playing.

    Nice game, but if you always lose it’s no fun. :(