Injustice: Gods Among Us – Review

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From the makers of Mortal Kombat, NeverReal Studios comes a brand new look at the side-scrolling fighters, introducing Injustice: Gods Among Us!

Injustice has a great story that will satisfy both lovers of comic books and the casual gamer. The story revolves around Superman and the death of his lover Lois Lane and his unborn son, along with the entire city of Metropolis at the hands of the infamous Joker. The Joker mentally broke Superman, in his rage Superman rips the Joker’s heart out right in front of Batman. Five years pass and Superman has rebuilt Metropolis, eradicated all evil throughout the world and has become the supreme leader of Earth along with allies ranging from former heroes and villains, now all part of the regime. Batman is on the run and hiding from Superman. As the face of the Insurgency, Batman is trying to stop Superman’s reign of tyranny with the help of a handful of heroes, who still long to fight for justice and for the good of humanity and free the oppressed world that Superman has created.

Wonder Woman Grundy

The gameplay is smooth, flawless and responsive just like any quality fighting game. If you are not accustomed to fighting games it offers a great tutorial mode with detailed instructions that will have even the most novice players fighting at an experienced player level. Each stage is unique and has hazards within each level and depending on what kind of character you are using, he or she will use it in their own unique way. Stage layouts are layered meaning you can kick your opponent into different parts of a stage offering a different area to fight in. It can get annoying at times but can give a fighter an edge in battle. When knocked through you lose life which can get annoying, however you do have the option to turn the sequence off if you choose to do so. There are an abundance of costumes for each character, some are unlocked in game, from pre-order DLC codes or within “The Vault” alongside battle challenges, concept art, in-game music, XP bonuses.

The fighters all play in there own unique way but are categorized into two different fighting abilities; you can choose a gadget character, who’ll use their gadgets to their advantage i.e Batman, Death Stroke, Green Arrow, and The Flash. Power characters use their ability to power themselves up i.e Superman, Bane, Doomsday, and Green Lantern. As i said before characters interact with stages differently; for example, Superman using explosives to blow up a car or lifting a statue and smacking the hell out of you with it.

Superman Grundy

Injustice’s graphics are beautiful and the characters are so detailed, each of them having a lot to show. The stages in Injustice are packed with so much and really showcase the DC Universe through a number of Easter-Eggs in the background of the stages, making many DC fanboys happy. But, the real shining gem will be found within the multiplayer aspects of the game. No doubt, Injustice is a game to be enjoyed with friends. Find the best characters within the DC Universe and take turns battling it out together, it makes for a great party game!

Overall, Injustice is a very fun and enjoyable game to be played either by yourself or with friends. Injustice offers so much to do on just one disk. It’s my new favourite fighting game and has easily overtaken the once powerful Mortal Kombat series.

Injustice: Gods Among Us scores 9 out of 10