The End is Nigh – Order Pizza on your 360

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As if it wasn’t easy enough to sit around all day doing nothing but play your 360, Microsoft have teamed together with Pizza Hut to make it easier*. There’s now no need to get off your favourite console to order a fresh pizza.


Starting today, Microsoft are offering an app that will let you order pizzas through your 360, using your account to put the order through. What do you mean you don’t have a account? Get with it, Grandpa!

This isn’t the first time that games and pizza have got together. Halo 4 had its own Pizza Hut pizza to ‘celebrate’ the game’s launch. Heck, EverQuest II let you order pizza in-game years ago. So whilst this isn’t new, this pizza app is bringing something to the table.

It’s Kinect compatible. Not joking. The Pizza Hut app will recognise your voice commands and motion controls as well as your Kinect can. How ‘well’ that is, I’ll leave that up to you…

*PLEASE NOTE: This is only easy if you have no job, mortgage girlfriend, boyfriend, friend, wife, husband, child or children. Otherwise it’s still damn tricky to find ‘360 time‘.