Why Microsoft need to announce the next Xbox sooner rather than later

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The Xbox 720, Xbox 8, whatever it’s called, the next generation of Xbox is coming, and it needs to be announced now!

The Xbox 360, in my eyes has managed to get the current generation right, they invested heavily on online and it worked, building on Xbox LIVE from the original Xbox, building on the party chat system that is used by millions of gamers each and every day on LIVE, tied in with the friends and messaging system, other services that the 360 offered such as the inside Xbox videos, easy matchmaking system and a far superior online store, in terms of services, Microsoft dominates hands down. Then add in some of the exclusives it’s had down the line, this for me made the 360 the console to have for this gen.

That left Sony to play catchup, with an improved exclusives catalogue and their PS+ system, which with it’s free games alone is much better value for money, but with a poor store experience, and half baked friends system, this, I feel, was a set back for the console, and something that they’re trying to fix with the next PlayStation.

Since Sony’s PlayStation 4 announcement back in February, media and gamers alike have been going crazy for it, and why not? We’ve had a glimpse of what the next generation will look like, it looks and sounds great, leaving us wanting more. But since that event, Microsoft is still yet to announce anything, nor even discuss the next Xbox console, and I think they’re leaving it a little too late to still be holding onto that information.

A recent batch of rumours are suggesting that Microsoft’s next console will demand an always online connection, that pre-owned games will not work with the console as well as a monthly subsidized version.  Rumours which are already damaging the unannounced consoles chances for success, as well as some of the responses one employee has been giving regarding the issues. News which Sony must be rubbing their hands to, as well as effecting some die hard Xbox fans:

Speaking about this very subject to a friend of mine, he made a good point, if MS just came out showing what the next console will look like, what the specs are, what the price is, clear up any rumours that are flying about and announce Halo 5, straight away, they’ll be selling consoles by the bucket load on day one, providing Microsoft listen to the needs of both developers and consumers.

Interest in the PS4 is huge, with one retailer, Gamestop, announcing that over 900,000 people have signed up their interest for the console, that’s just from one retailer, that’s a huge loss should Microsoft be unable to convince them that the Xbox will be the next gen leader.

Much like I have for this generation, owning both Xbox 360 and PS3, I will probably end up purchasing both PS4 and the next Xbox at some point, but until I know all the information, I won’t put my money down on which one to go for until then, it literally all goes down to which company get’s it right. But I do feel the more Microsoft delay an unveil, the bigger risk they’re facing of shooting themselves in the foot. We need this announcement as much as they need it themselves.

Lee serves as Editor-in-Chief of All Things Xbox. Creative designer at Bulldog by day, usually found on FIFA by night.
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