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E3 2013

Halo Trilogy extended to ‘Saga’

With Halo 4 being one of the bestselling games in the Halo franchise, it’s hard to imagine Microsoft not wanting to extend the Chief’s life just a little bit longer! Once known as the ‘Reclaimer Trilogy’, the new set of Halo games will no longer by contained in a trilogy (e.g. Halo 4, 5 & 6) as confirmed by Phil Spencer, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Studios. Strangely at the Xbox E3 M...[Read More]

Upset by Microsoft’s Xbox One? Let Them Educate You…

Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi has jumped into the ‘Worst Xbox One PR Quote’ competition with this gem; “This is a big change, consumers don’t always love change, and there’s a lot of education we have to provide to make sure that people understand.” Is he implying that anyone that’s not in love with Microsoft’s choices needs educating? I wouldn’...[Read More]