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Bioshock Infinite

The Golden Joystick Awards 2013

The Golden Joystick Awards 2013

It’s hard to believe the annual Golden Joystick Awards enters it’s 31st year this October! The Peoples Games Awards was originally launched way back in 1982 by CVG magazine and this year returns with a revamped image for modern gaming. This years shortlist features 15 new-look categories including; Best Indie Game, Studio of the Year and The YouTube Gamer Award. Also new to 2013’...[Read More]

Bioshock Infinite voice cast announced

The much awaited Bioshock Infinite launches in a little over a week and 2K Games have announced the full voice cast list for the game that launches on the 26th March. Here’s the main cast: Bill Lobley (Sealab 2021, Alan Wake, Mafia II) – Jeremiah Fink Courtnee Draper (Surf’s Up, Ponyo, and Kingdom Hearts II) – Elizabeth Jennifer Hale (Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)...[Read More]

Bioshock Infinite Goes Gold and Season Pass

It appears that 2K games have DLC in the pipeline for the upcoming release Bioshock Infinite, infact they announced that there will be a Season pass option costing 1600 microsoft points. This will give you access to 3 pieces of DLC that are to cost 800 Microsoft Points meaning you get the 3rd piece free, which is always a nice thing. In addition to the DLC you will also get Early Bird Special Pack...[Read More]

Lamb of Columbia trailer for BioShock Infinite

To clear his debt, Booker DeWitt must rescue a mysterious girl from the sky-city of Columbia. But who is this girl? What makes her so powerful, and why are so many willing to do anything to keep her from escaping? More importantly… what price will you pay to set her free? BioShock Infinite is out March 26th.

Bioshock Infinite “Beast of America” Trailer

Bioshock Infinite “Beast of America” Trailer

In what is currently my longest pre-order to date, Bioshock Infinite is currently scheduled for 26th February 2013. Lately, things have been a little too quiet on the Bioshock front for my liking, in a game that was originally scheduled for release in July this year we now have a new trailer… and it’s amazing! It still looks good to me and I hope that come February 2013 I will finally ...[Read More]