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The Walking Dead: 400 Days – Review

The Walking Dead: 400 Days – Review

The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a one off ‘special episode’ set across five different stories with a neat cross-over at the conclusion. As such, Telltale Games’ fine first season of The Walking Dead has next to nothing to do with this – although there are a couple of references arching back to the original episodes for the more perceptive of you out there. In all honesty I wa...[Read More]

First Title Update For State Of Decay Goes Live

Little over a week after it’s release the dedicated team at Undead Labs have listened to players feedback and thankfully put out the first patch for their excellent XBLA game: State of Decay. Having played this game religiously for the past week I can say on behalf of myself and like-minded gamers, this update is most welcomed. Annoying things such as survivors constantly going missing and p...[Read More]

Au Revoir, Xbox Points!

In a move that has been widely speculated for some time now, Microsoft are to finally kill off it’s current Points system. At present Xbox owners wishing to purchase extras such as DLC, movies or music via the interface, do so by purchasing point cards that offer a Xbox specific virtual currency. New incoming reports suggest that Microsoft are to move towards a new gift card system, similar ...[Read More]

Revolution (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2) – DLC Review

So now that the sandstorm has finally calmed on Mirage, the water levels have receded on Hydro, the last flake of snow settled on Downhill and the skate park on Grind is in need of some serious restoration, I thought that I’d give you the lowdown on the new Black Op’s 2 map pack,’Revolution’. The first thing that makes my blood boil with any new map pack is the not knowing ...[Read More]

White Noise: A Tale of Horror – Up Your Indie

Way back in June of last year the PC community was introduced to a game called Slender. It reminded fans of frights what it was like to be truly scared whilst playing a video game, and in turn gained a respectable following. White Noise: A Tale of Horror makes no apologies in being a shameless rip-off and without doubt, builds upon Slenders mechanics. With respect to Slender; White Noise improves ...[Read More]

NOW TV Trial

New Sky TV service Now TV recently launched an app on the Xbox 360. Similar to NetFlix, Now TV allows you to stream movies directly onto your Xbox 360. Now TV have just launched a new promotion to Xbox users which entitles them to 800 Free Microsoft points when you sign up to the free trial. The normal monthly fee is £8.99 a month which is a little more expensive that Netflix. If you head over to ...[Read More]