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PAX East

Switchblade Monkeys’ president talks a little more about Secret Ponchos

PAX East this year had so much to offer, but the folks at Switchblade Monkeys brought us a new take on the western genre that did more than simply catch my eye. Secret Ponchos puts you into the shoes of one of six characters, each with a bounty on their head, and the goal is to become the baddest of them all, collecting the bounties of your fallen enemies, and in return making you more notorious. ...[Read More]

Another “Lost Planet” Awaits

The third instalment of Lost Planet, “Lost Planet 3,” was available in a brief demo at this year’s PAX East. Capcom brings us some great titles and developer, Spark Unlimited, really got this one right. Through a short demo, I couldn’t feel those little kinks that were present in past instalments  Not to mention the response to my button input was instantaneous and I felt as if I could survi...[Read More]