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Visceral Games

Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel – Review

They’ve always been a little cliché, these Army of Two games. They’re very manly, very angry and very loud, but in this latest edition to the series, everything feels a little more grown up. You’re not provoked to go in “all-guns-blazing” any more and the game urges you to play a little more tactically. Yes, The Devil’s Cartel, from the team at  Visceral Games h...[Read More]

Dead Space 3 demo hits almost 2 Million downloads

In a press release today, EA revealed that the recently released Dead Space 3 demo has hit almost 2 million downloads across the board, which was reported to be a 10% increase from the Dead Space 2 demo It also went on to say that the new demo has see more than 100,000 mentions across social media, and earned close to 90,000 new “likes” on Facebook, bringing the total Dead Space commun...[Read More]

Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer

Pending the upcoming release of the newest installment of Visceral Games’ hit series Dead Space, a launch trailer was released earlier Monday. Dead Space 3 is set to hit shelves next Tuesday, February 5th or 8th in the UK. In this glorious 96 second video, we follow our faithful engineer, Isaac Clarke, through a harsh and cold tundra. We flash through Isaac’s mind to all of his previou...[Read More]

Preview – Dead Space 3 Demo

Yesterday saw the release of Dead Space 3 Demo on the Xbox 360 for early access users, the public release will be hitting Xbox Live on 22nd January (just 2 weeks before Dead Space 3 is released) The demo starts with Issac waking up on the hostile plains of Tau Volantis, his crew as scattered or possibly even dead and his only way to survive is to press forward. It took me a bit of time to get used...[Read More]

Dead Space 3 Early Access Demo Coming To Xbox 360

Yes it appears that the masterminds behind the upcoming title Dead Space 3 are still in a rather festive mood, announcing that Xbox 360 users can signup and obtain early access to the Dead Space 3 Demo. Early access to the demo starts on January 15th, allowing 360 users who signed up access to it a week early. It was announced recently that the Dead Space 3 Demo will be arriving on Xbox Live on Ja...[Read More]

Dead Space 3: New Trailer

New Trailer Alert: Once again you are needed to take on the Necromorph Alien race, this time however, you have the choice to go at it alone or with a partner. Dead Space 3 incorporates two styles of play when it comes screaming onto the Xbox in the new year. Will you face the dangers in solitary as engineer Issac Clarke or choose to hook up with mental suffering John Carver, as you attempt uncover...[Read More]